Michele Reginaldi’s drawing practice does not happen as an art form independent of the art of architectural design. There is an underlying circularity between his abstract drawing on morphological research in the white notebooks, his drawings on design concepts in the blue notebooks, the drawings for actual architectural projects done on loose pages and the brass constructions. The series of blue and white notebooks, and the constructions were begun towards the end of the 1980s. Today there are more than 75 white notebooks, approximately 40 blue ones, and hundreds of drawings done on sheets of paper and various supports.
The white notebooks (“white” owing to the cream coloured cover and the blank white pages) measure 10 cm across and 15 cm high. Each notebook contains 16 sheets, and hence 32 pages.
The blue notebooks (blue cover) contain 32 sheets, i.e. 64 pages, of squared paper, measuring 17.5 cm wide by 21.5 cm high.
Drawings in the notebooks are done exclusively with a fine-point pen, whereas the drawings on different supports utilise a variety of different techniques, particularly pencils and coloured pens.

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