Michele Reginaldi.
disegni e costruzioni
Oratorio della Passione,
Museo della Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio. Milano
edited by Ginette Caron,
Bolis Edizioni, Azzano San Paolo (BG), 2005.
graphic design Ginette Caron.

The book relays a photographic portrayal of the exhibition that was held from 8th to 24th of April 2005 in the Oratory of the Passion, Museum of Saint’Ambrogio Basilica in Milan. The event marked the first public presentation of a large selection of Michele Reginaldi’s plastic works and drawings. The exhibition includes a section dedicated to the brass plastic works, 80 “constructions” divided into four categories: morphologies around the circle, morphologies of verticality, light structures and constructions for architecture. Another section displays approximately 60 “white notebooks”, where for years Michele Reginaldi has been developing his concepts on the abstract art of space. The exhibition design and layout in the 15th-century Oratory della Passione was conceived by Reginaldi, and is another example of his morphological study of space.


"Testi dell'inaugurazione"
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